Playin’ Some Return to Dark Castle with Killgruz

Playing some Return to Dark Castle tonight, trying to get a bit familiar with the game again before trying out some user-made level sets.

I ramble on about nothing for a while here, so don’t be surprised if I use bad language or say something stupid or offensive. You’ve been warned!

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The Untouchable Review – Classic Mac Games

CMG #28
A (silly) look at Creative Edge Studios late 90’s game The Untouchable. Please like/sub on YouTube if you enjoyed this video and want to see more in the future.

Check out Jon Valera’s amazing IMDB credit list here:

Killgruz Update for December 2013 – New Game Broadcaster HD Tests

Test #2 – Quake HD Darkplaces Mod

Test #1 – Just Cause 2 Multiplayer

Checkout the video descriptions on YouTube for info on the settings I used and notes on the tests.

A few days ago I bought my own Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD card, as I think it will help ease the process of making videos. Since 2006 or earlier I have been messing around with screen recording software to make my videos, and now with this card all I have to do is Continue reading

Recommended VIC-20 Tape Games

This is an unprepared, off the cuff look at some of my favorite VIC-20 games I put on tape a few months ago. These games all play on an unexpanded VIC-20. This will probably be Continue reading

Where’s Killgruz Videos? Update for November 2013

What I’ve been up to?

So it’s been awhile, again. I say that like I’ve been screwin’ around for the last 8 or 9 months. Nope! I’ve been hard at work at college (changed my major from Audio production to Web design) and still chiseling away at my game, which I still won’t spill the beans about.

I’ve actually beefed up my game collection quite a bit in the last Continue reading

MacBugs! Web and Game Section

Click to play MacBugs!

I spent the last couple of days working on a new web version of an ancient Macintosh game titled “MacBugs!”. It was sort of a Centipede style shooting game from the mid-1980’s, and one that I spent hours and hours playing as a kid. I loved it (and still do), which is why I made this.
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Killgruz YouTube Channel Update – March 2013


Update concerning my YouTube channel Killgruz. This won’t effect content on my website,,, or iTunes.

Update video where I cover a bunch of topics, and play through Giana’s Return. I plan to work on my game creation projects, and do more work with my blog, and further develop the Killgruz II channel.

Thank you and I’ll see you soon! Continue reading

Top 10 Super Mario Bros. 3 HACKS

Top 10 Super Mario Bros. 3 HACKS by killgruz

I’ve been working on and off this video since early 2011, playing tons of Super Mario Bros. 3 Rom Hacks to compile a list of my favorite top ten. Only recently have I took the final steps to complete this video, so I hope you enjoy.


There’s no way I was able to play every single Mario 3 rom hack, but the ones that this list was compiled from are following:


Bowser’s Revenge  |  CBMario 3  |  Frank’s First Super Mario Bros 3

Carnage 3  |  Holy Knight  |  Lost Levels

Luigi’s Chronicles 2  |  Mario Adventure  |  Mario Chronicles

Mario in Some Usual Day  |  Peach & Daisy in the Ultimate Quest  |  Quick Bros

Robo’s Super Mario Bros 3  |  Special Luigi Edition  |  Super Loco Spoof! 2

Super Mario Bros 3 – Fun Edition  |  Super Mario Bros 3 Challenge  |  Super Mario Bros 3 Expert

Super Mario Bros 3 Hard Type  |  Super Mario Bros 3 The 2nd Adventure  |  Super Mario Bros 3 The New Quest

Super Mario Bros 3 Yet Another New Quest  |  Super Mario Bros. 9th Root of 3  |  Super Mario Bros. Cube Root of 3

Super Mario Bros. in The Mystery of the Flying Fish  |  Super Monk Bros  |  Super Revisited Mario Bros

Super Wario Bros 3  |  Super Waterfall Bros 3  |  Twisted Lost Levels

Ultimate SMB3  |  Blob Bros  |  Evil Z 3

Punk Mario  |  Pyre’s Mario 69  |  Retro Mario Bros 3

Super Abe Bros 3  |  Super Bald Bros 3  |  Super Butt Bros 3

Super Fag Bros 3  |  Super SP Bros 2  |  Evil Super Mario Bros 3

Super Ninja Turtles Bros  |  Blue Super Mario Bros 3  |  Strange Mario Bros 3

Frank’s 2nd Super Mario Bros. 3  |  Super Nazi Penis Cartel Freedom Fighters 1337  |  Super Carrots – The Veggie Adventures

Super Mario Bros – Chaos Control


And many more… (I’m too lazy to type them all in)


10 – Super Mario Bros – Chaos Control

9 – Super Carrots – The Veggie Adventures

8 – Super Nazi Penis Cartel Freedom Fighters 1337

7 – Frank’s 2nd Super Mario Bros. 3

6 – Strange Mario Bros 3

5 – Blue Super Mario Bros 3

4 – Mario in Some Usual Day

3 – Luigi’s Chronicles 2

2 – Peach & Daisy in the Ultimate Quest

1 – Mario Adventure