Update for November 2015 – We’ll be back! We’ll be back!

I’ve been getting questions asking if I’m still alive and also about my YouTube channel and the status of it. First off – Yep, I’m still alive! I haven’t died or abandoned my site or channel. I will be back soon, though as of right now I’m not making videos or games. Once again I’ve hit a very time consuming semester in college, and my wife and I just recently had my son, a super cute baby boy, just a couple of months ago. I’m not a first time father, I had my daughter going on six years ago now so it’s not as life changing having another baby, but it still takes a lot of energy.

I’ll definitely be back at the beginning of 2016, or possibly later, though I still might finish some projects I’ve been working on earlier this year. Thanks for all the comments and concerns on YouTube and in emails! I’m not dead!


Jarrod  <— Not dead!

Playing some Doom 3: BFG Edition with gruz

The teaser for the new Doom has got me excited! I went back to check out Doom 3 and wow, it’s still a really creepy game!

Join me as I play through a bit of the beginning of the game, up until I got creeped out and had some audio troubles. (It’s been a while since I’ve use this microphone)

New Game: StuntCopter Web

New StuntCopter Game


I spent some time this week creating a new HTML5 version of the classic Macintosh game StuntCopter. It’s been a number of years now since anyone has done a remake, and I believe this is the first HTML5 version.

I tried to get the game as close to StuntCopter 2.0 as I could, but I ultimately decided to change a few things around such as scoring and speed. I feel the changes are minor and don’t really change the gameplay in a bad way. The new scoring system works well with the online highscores I’ve implemented in this version.

I believe I’ve hammered out most of the bugs, but if you find a serious bug, please contact me.


Killgruz Update for December 2014

I’m still alive and my channels and website aren’t dead. Thank you to the people who have been concerned and sent emails / comments. I will be back soon!

The Disappearance of Killgruz

It has been a few months now since I’ve made any sort of progress on ANY of the video or game developing projects I’ve been working on. I’m not the type of person who blogs or writes about my personal life much, but this year of college was really time consuming. I worked hard at it and ended up doing great, but at the expense of this website and my online presence.

I do have a rough plan sketched out for this coming year of 2015 which involves some small game creation projects, lots of gameplay videos and most importantly more Killgruz Videos! I’ve said this a thousand times, that I really enjoy making videos and the whole creativity aspect of it gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I really miss making videos and I have a plan to set time aside weekly and dedicate it to creating them.

Killgruz is growing!

Analytics for my Killgruz YouTube Channel tell me that this year I’ve not only been pushed over 500,000 views total, but also gained almost 3,000 subscribers pushing me over 5,000 subscribers total. This means that in this year, while I was almost completely absent, I have more than doubled my subscribers and views. This may seem like great news, and it is, though it kind of leaves me with a feeling that I could be doing a lot better had I not been completely absent.

I have explained my situation in my Killgruz Update for March 2013 video and it’s still been hectic ever since. I was really stressed out in the months leading to that video, where I went from a few views on my videos to a lot of them. Along with the positive comes the negative and I wasn’t really expecting the negativity that comes hand-in-hand with getting a few views on YouTube. For every 100 positive comments you will get a percentage of negative ones, and it sucks, but I have since decided to block and ban people who leave comments that are less than constructive.

This wasn’t just about me either, as I did and still do have to deal with people insulting and arguing with each other in the comments. I still debate turning them off completely, though I feel they do serve a purpose and I love reading comments of people discussing their memories of games.

What’s Next?

In that March 2013 video I explained that I will be only semi-active for the coming couple of years or so and that’s how it has been, though it has become even less and less, to the point now where I have become almost completely inactive online. I’m not okay with that, so starting this January I will be back. Even if it’s only mini-reviews or gameplay and commentary style videos, I’ll be back.

I have a whole lot of ideas that I want to make happen this year that I have been preparing for and am excited to try out!

If you want to stay updated on what I’m up to subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed, subscribe on YouTube or follow on Twitter.

Thank you and see you soon!